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MECHANICAL Projects | Case Studies

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Mechanical Projects

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 Projects Topics

  • Axisymmetric Analysis of Connecting Rod

  • Stiffness Analysis of Car Hood

  • Damage Analysis of Facia

  • Linear Analysis of Bonnet

  • Pressure Analysis Engine Valves

  • Structural Analysis of Flywheel

  • Static nonlinear Analysis on Engine Block

  • Model Analysis of Automotive Chassis

  • Stress Analysis of Vehicle Differential System

  • Quasi static Structure Analysis of Clutch Pressure Plate

  • Vibration Analysis of Suspension Tie rod

  • Steady State Rolling Analysis of tire

  • Transient- Stress Analysis of Disc Brake

  • Model Frequency Analysis of thermostat Valve

  • Durability Analysis of Steering Pitman arm

  • Cyclic load Analysis of Automotive Ball Joint

  • Fractural Analysis of Wheel Rim

  • Nonlinear Stress Analysis of Gearbox Casing

  • Many more ..

CIVIL Projects | Case Studies


CIVIL Projects

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Project Topics

  • To study the behaviour of Reinforcement concrete elements at different high temperature

  • Seismic analysis of RCC structure with slosh Tank Liquid damper

  • Analysis of cold formed steel stud wall under blast loading

  • Behavior of geopolymer, concrete steel Encased composites column under elevated temperature

  • Behavior of RC Beam with duct opening in the flexure Zone Strengthened by steel plates

  • Lateral load Behavior of light gauge steel section encased with light weight concrete frame

  • Investigation of composite bridge desk slab subjected to blast load

  • Analysis of a floating bridge subjected to impact loads.

  • Experimental and Analytical investigation of Hybrid Textile reinforced concrete in flexure

  • Analytical study on the pressure exerted by a cylindrical silo varying the storage material and design of shell wall for storage of cement software used

  • Investigation of FRP tube encase column with &without reinforcement

  • Behaviour Concrete filled double skin steel tabular column

  • Composite column & conventional

  • Design is skirt foundation

  • Experimental study on pervious concrete slabs

  • Investigation on Beam Column embedded connection under static and Cyclic loading

Many more ..

FEA Projects | Case Studies

CAD Courses

FEA Projects | Case Studies

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