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Industry Offerings

Femlogic Technologies offered services for Industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Civil, Heavy Engineering etc., and providing solutions for various domain such as CAD, CAE, CFD, NVH, MBD, optimization etc.,

Engineering Services Portfolio

CAE Services Portfolio

Computer Aided Engineering is used to conduct the physical analysis tasks, to develop the products from the Design. Virtual Validation of the Design concepts, is used to develop the products in fast and best in performance. FE is basics of any CAE analysis, which is created by the Modeler.  Solving the solutions on solver software's, then visualize the results, plots the graph. Based on that results, validate the model.


    Our employees have experience and Expertise in Civil, Aerospace, Automotive, oil & Gas industries,

Manufacturing and CFD Domains.


   Femlogic technologies have expertise in various CAE Domains such as Durability, NVH, Crash,

Multi-Body Dynamics and CFD.

Modern Architecture


Durability Analysis


Non-Linear static

Quasi-static Analysis

Steady state, Transient

Coupled Temperature-Displacement

Coupled Thermal- Electric

Low-cyclic Fatigue

High cyclic Fatigue

Factor of safety Approach

Damage & Life Calculations


NVH Analysis


Transient Response Function

Frequency Response Function

Random Response

Power Spectral Density


Shock Vibration Analysis


Crash Analysis

Frontal Crash Analysis

Side Pole Impact Analysis

Side Barrier Analysis

Impact Analysis


Drop Analysis



CFD Services

Finite Volume Method

SPH method

Internal & External Flow


Multi flow simulation


MBD Analysis

Rigid and flexible multibody systems.

Sensitivity analysis.

Vibration analysis.

Vehicle design & testing.

Coupled control/mechanical system analysis.

Kinematics and kinetics.



Topology Optimization

Topography Optimization

Size Optimization

Free size Optimization

Morphing Techniques

Shape Optimization

Free Shape Optimization

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